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Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

At S&W Metal Products we strongly support green initiatives. In fact it is part of our core beliefs and corporate culture. We believe everyone should share in making our planet better for our children.

Since the purchase of our new building in early 2006 we have already completed the following green projects at a cost of over $500,000.

Thermally insulated water tank
New high efficiency Cambridge Heaters
Energy Efficient High Bay Fluorescent Fixture
New sidewall insulation
  • Our  inefficient boiler and steam unit heaters have been replaced throughout the warehouse and production shops with high efficiency Cambridge gas heaters.

  • One  20,000 gallon  water storage tank was insulated and the steam heating coils and exposed piping  were replaced by sensor activated electric heating elements. To date these heaters have never come on. A second tank was decommissioned to decrease the water usage and associated heating.

  • R-5 sidewall insulation has been replaced with R-13 Insulation.

  • All overhead and man doors have been replaced with foam core insulated doors.

  • New roofing membranes were installed over 3.5” of polyisocyrunate insulation.

  • Existing Sodium Vapor and Metal Halide High Bay lights have been replaced with High Bay Fluorescent lighting.  Motion sensors will soon be installed on many of these fixtures.

  • Incandescent light bulbs have been replaced with Compact Fluorescents.

  • Bare metal building panels have been spray foam insulated.

  • Scrap steel and cardboard are recycled.

  • Pallets are recycled.

  • Cans, Bottles and plastic are recycled.

  • Paper cups have replaced Styrofoam.

  • Wet spray painting which emits VOC have been replaced with Powder Coating.

  • Carpeting in offices is made from recycled plastic containers.

  • Unused land is being provided to a local farmer for crop growth.

  • Recycled road material is being used for gravel and paved areas thus eliminating the need for new materials.

  • Water recapture system has been added to our test equipment so that we recycle water used to test products rather than discharging.

  • All onsite chemical storage tanks have been decommissioned and cleaned thus insuring that potentially harmful chemicals will not leach into the ground.
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